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Dowsing is the action of a person called the dowser using a rod, stick or other device called a dowsing rod, dowsing stick, doodlebug (when used to locate oil) or divining rod to locate such things as underground water, hidden metal, buried treasure, oil, lost persons or golf balls, etc. Since dowsing is not based upon any known scientific or empirical laws or forces of nature, it should be considered a type of divination.

Shri VV Divekar

Our Inspiration

Shri VV Divekar, MA, HoraBhushan is a veteran senior astrologer from Nagpur MS. He is a Retired Aerodrone Officer from Airports Authority of India. He had studied Astrology from the Great Legendary Astrologer Late Shri SK Kelkar of Dewas and Late Shri Raghunathshastri Patwardgan of Pune. He is well versed in all beaches of Astrology and is a expert in Panchang Ganit. He is master in all allied contemporary sciences. He is known for his great contribution in the field of Adhan Kundali (Prenatal Astrology) in Maharashtra. He has great contribution to the organisational Jyotish Education field. He was Vice President of Maharashtra Jyotish Parishad, Mumbai. He has many students from all over India

Shri VV Divekar

Shri Dewavrat Buit have learnt the basics of jyotish under the guidance of HoraBhushan Shri V.V.Divekar of Nagpur. I am a disciple of Pandit Shri Sanjay Rath of Puri (Orissa) and is learning advance Jyotish in his guidance. My main interests in Jyotish are Prenatal Jyotish (Adhan Kundali), Chakras in Jyotish, Astrometeorology, Studies in Rainfall, Astrological applications in Finance, Shares, Commodites prices, Jaimini Astrology, Celestial Mechanics, Surya Sidhanta, Panchang Ganit etc. Presently I am preparing and publishing one Surya Sidhantiya Panchang from Nagpur under the name GRAHDRISHTI Surya Sidhantiya Panchang Nagpur.