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Pendulum Radiasthesia(Dowsing)

Dowsing is the action of a person called the dowser using a rod, stick or other device called a dowsing rod, dowsing stick, doodlebug (when used to locate oil) or divining rod to locate such things as underground water, hidden metal, buried treasure, oil, lost persons or golf balls, etc. Since dowsing is not based upon any known scientific or empirical laws or forces of nature, it should be considered a type of divination. Map dowsers use a dowsing device, usually a pendulum, over maps to locate oil, minerals, persons, water, etc. However, the prototype of a dowser is the field dowser who walks around an area using a forked stick to locate underground water. When above water, the rod points downward. (Some dowsers use two rods. The rods cross when above water.) Various theories have been given as to what causes the rods to move: electromagnetic or other subtle geological forces, suggestion from others or from geophysical observations, ESP and other paranormal explanations, etc.

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In gem therapy there are no specific rule in the treatment of certain conditions. For example, in five different books on the subject one can find five different ways described to treat a certain affliction. The reason is according to W. B. Chow who explains in Precious Stones: Their Occult Power and Hidden Significance that "there are different scales of correspondences and under one circumstance one scale should be applied, whilst under another a different scale holds good…no natural subject is pure Sun, pure Moon, or pure Saturn." The safest way of doing stone healing is to follow a similar method as used by the Druids, go by the color of the stone and apply the same principles as described in color healing. For example yellow is good when used for curing intestinal and bowel disorders, and menstrual problems.